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The Spokane Culinary Arts Guild is a community of local foodies, chefs, influencers and industry members who come together around a table and talk about what we love most - food. Find out more >


Located in Spokane Valley, WA



We Know Good Food

Our Tastemakers are a diverse group of individuals who are foodies at heart, and powerful influencers in our community. Collectively, we have over 180,000 followers both on Instagram and Facebook and can be seen frequently at area hot-spots and events. In addition to that, we support our local restaurants with tens of thousands of dollars every year. We are by far the most influential group in the local food community, and we love sharing off our local finds.


These individuals were personally invited to become Guild Tastemakers based on their passion for the culinary arts in their personal or professional lives, and their shared values with our Guild's mission. They value locally and sustainably grown food, profound taste experiences and contributing to our vibrant local food economy that can continue to build a powerful, connected culinary culture.

We believe in the power of collaboration and evaluation to make a difference in what we eat.

Erin is a professional educator, blogger and a passionate culinary arts advocate and patron. When she isn't teaching, she is cooking for friends and family, eating at the best ingredient-driven restaurants she can find, researching and writing about it in Spokane Coeur d' Alene Living Magazine. She painstakingly seeks food that is unfailingly delicious. Her husband/best friend, Rob, is also a Tastemaker, and they attend food events all around the country together. Favorite trips include Feast Portland, the Aspen Food and Wine Festival and 8 Michelin starred restaurants in Chicago. @scaguild

Owner and Founder


Born and raised in Spokane, Rob is an avid food lover and enjoys both making and eating local food. As a member of the business community, Rob is able to enjoy cuisine from other locales on the west coast, particularly fine dining and craft cocktails. Other hobbies include playing music, wine tasting, and reading novels. Rob also serves as the Orchestra Contractor of the Coeur d' Alene Summer Theatre, and is a professional bass player for a variety of productions in the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area. @scaguild



I’m a pastry chef by trade, and a foodie at heart. I am also a mom of two beautiful girls and a menagerie of furry kids and wife to the most supportive guy out there. After more than a decade away, I’m back home in Spokane and love supporting the local community! 

Event Coordinator


Ashley is an Eastern Washington native who loves being supportive of the local food scene which includes being an active and inventive as a home cook as well. She is a chef wife, crazy chicken lady, professional mac n' cheese eater, dog mom, and ramen otaku! Her blog features home cooking and lots of local eats. @umamidiaries @umamidiaries



I moved to Spokane from Ohio in 2008, and have loved exploring and experiencing the diverse culinary scene in the area. I grew up on a farm, where we ate what was grown or raised, so I enjoy sourcing fresh, local ingredients. During  the day, I am a Contract Administrator for a local construction company; by night I am the head cook for my foodie husband, 2 boys and all our hungry friends. I enjoy planning and hosting friendly cooking competitions at home or while camping. @grabbag_foodie



Anna is a lover of food, coffee, nature, and most importantly, Spokane. She focuses on locating the treasures uncommonly known in the Spokane area, and she values businesses in Spokane that carry fresh, natural and organic ingredients. Her personal motto is, "Love food. Love people". @spokaneplayground



Melissa Berry has been a fan of Spokane ever since she went to Gonzaga in the mid-2000s - she knew it was special and made it her mission to return after graduation! In 2018, Melissa made the move with her husband and hasn't looked back since. A lifelong vegetarian, Melissa can find vegetarian meals in impossible situations, but is happy to see Spokane has gotten even better when it comes to serving delicious, hearty vegetarian fare. When she's not showing Spokane off to her husband, she runs the site to showcase how wonderful it is to live, play, and eat in Spokane. @everydayspokane



Connor was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, and soon discovered his love for the foods and flavors of every culture around the globe. He moved to the Spokane area in 2011, and quickly realized that his viewpoint of being a diner who uses a wheelchair was missing from the dialogue. "Too often, what is a small inconvenience for an abled person makes access difficult for those of us who roll, and he hopes that by reviewing restaurants based not just on food, but also accessibility, others like him will have better opportunity to enjoy our beautiful Spokane." @foodable_spokane



Traveling her way north through the west coast, Cesia has lived in California, Oregon, Vancouver WA, and now has come to settle down in Spokane with her husband. She grew up eating her mom’s delicious and traditional Guatemalan food, and once moved out had to figure out how to fend for herself! Since then, she spends her time trying new recipes at home to stuff her husband with, and making her way around the city getting to know its people, and it’s delicious eats.  @oh_icouldeat



Jim “Rhino” Reincke has enjoyed foodie adventures across 49 U.S. States and 4 Countries while chasing life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. He has been recognized nationally in the competition cooking arena, has been featured internationally on food packaging with innovative recipes, and even competed against (and beat) celebrity chefs in head-to-head cook-offs. Although being featured on numerous popular websites (The Chive, Imgur, Popsugar, GoodNewsNetwok, and many others) for his cooking exploits, Jim is humble enough to recognize he’s not a true chef, but has certainly taken being a backyard cook to amazing levels.



Scott and Dawn are foodies that are constantly searching the globe for their next culinary experience. Scott spends a significant amount of time in his kitchen creating a variety of signature dishes and new creations. Sourdough is made every week along with fresh pastas. Charity events, hosting parties or creating their own test kitchen is their happy place. Scott and Dawn search extensively with the primary goal to find the best of the best in the culinary and mixology world, whether it be a 3-star Michelin restaurant to an extraordinary food truck or gastropub. Their passion for food and drink is unconditional and unlimited.



Growing up in Spokane I have witnessed the food scene change in a very flavorful way. We now have a global food scene to challenge even the most mature palate. I cant wait to share more of my culinary experiences with a larger audience and help celebrate our great industry artists as they evolve our taste in food. I have been a local Farmers Insurance Agency owner since 2011, 8 years now and when I am not busy insuring our community, I love to eat excellent food, with friends and family, and share all the best spots to experience in our town. @fabjc



Lindsay is a small town Indiana native who has called Spokane her home for over 10 years.  Her love for food began on a trip to France in high school where she realized there is so much more to enjoy than Red Lobster and midwest casseroles.  Currently on a hiatus from her professional career as a nurse to be with her two kids, Lindsay is excited to explore the local food industry more extensively and share her love of food (and cocktails......and beer........and wine) with others.  @linzlovesfood



Meet Ashley! She’s a well traveled food enthusiast who has been bellied up to the kitchen counter for as long as she can remember! Her passion was ignited by her Greek Grandfather, who shared his culinary skills and all the best bites of whatever he was roasting, toasting, baking, frying, or sautéing! She has an acute palette, a perfectionists eye, and gets so fired up about sharing her delicious food finds! In the past, she has enjoyed years tending bar, procuring recipes for a Seattle area food manufacturer, and has been a small business owner. When she’s not in her own kitchen, Ashley, Husband, and two young sons love exploring Spokane and surrounding areas and discovering all the little gems that this area is housing! @kittygskitch



Cambria and Robert are the owners of Haven Real Estate Group, and their favorite part of all homes is the kitchen, of course!  “The Kitchen is where we spend 90% of our time at home, and cooking is our love language. If our girls did great on a test, we start whipping up their favorite meal to celebrate. If they are hurt or upset, we reach for the hot chocolate and they always know to come find us when we are cooking if they need to talk.” Cambria and Rob love local, chef-owned restaurants because it is food without limits. @cambriahavenhenry



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